Behaviors which can help our social health include attending Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous,church, synagogues, community board meetings, Parent/Teacher Associations, sporting groups and maintaining a sense of respect for ourselves and others.

There may be social connections  which are toxic to ourselves that need cutting off and addressing.  Cutting off toxic relationships or minimizing contact with toxic people can be a way of improving our social health.   This area can be difficult to manage because it may involve the deepest connections in life as well, such as family.  No matter the role one carries in our lives, social health is principally sound, supports and builds life, and does not tear it down.  Social health is not role-based, but does need principally centered people filling roles in our lives promoting a higher quality of self and community.

The portion of our lives which needs attention next is our environmental lives and health.  This involves where we live and how we upkeep this area in an organized fashion.  This can be seen when we keep our homes clean and organized, having a routine of chores, mowing the yard, doing the laundry, cleaning dishes, recycling, making the bed and many other activities which help maintain our home environments and communities that make it much more welcoming and less stressful.

The final area of our consideration of wellness and personal wellbeing is our spirituality.  This is our relationship to life and the world around us, including ourselves, people, and God as a person may understand God.  Not to be confused with religion, but religion can be an organized fashion of expressing our spirituality.  Spirituality helps us see beyond the seen, producing a sense of hope.